So now that you’ve decided that you need help with your marketing, and you’re pondering options for how to address your challenges, let’s explore the considerations in hiring a marketing consultant as an option:

Multi-industry experience – a seasoned marketing consultant worth their salt will have a breadth of experience across multiple industries. Having this experience allows them to propose solutions to challenges that may not be typical in your industry and be more impactful than the typical go-to solution.

Good listener – very important! You don’t need someone coming in and jumping to conclusions before they have a clear understanding of your unique situation.

Knows what questions to ask – closely connected with the point above. Leads to a clear and deep understanding of the current circumstances.

Build capacity – you don’t necessarily want to add another full-time person to your team so a marketing consultant worth the investment will help you to find ways to use them less and less over time.

Works with you – you don’t need someone to do the work in isolation, hand you the plan at the end and then disappear. It’s important for you to be involved as the process evolves so that you can provide input and gain clarity along the way.

Leverages you as the content expert – no one knows your business better than you! The benefit of a good consultant is they will look at it all through a marketing lens.

Has an extensive network – consultants who have been in the marketing field for two or three decades will naturally build an extensive and reliable network. Not only does this allow them to leverage experts in other areas to build out a broader, virtual team where appropriate but may even result in them helping you to source a professional who is better suited to your situation and do a hand-off.

You only use as much as you need – since the consultant is only being paid for fixed hours or quoted projects, you ultimately decide whenyour needs are met and either end the relationship or put it on pause for a future point when you need their expertise again.

Interested in discussing options? I’d love to meet with you to see if Simply MARKeting can be of assistance and if I’m the best fit for you and your company. You bring the questions – I’ll bring the coffee!