Subway Events

Subway Events

Posted March 2, 2018

Subway Sponsorship of Tour of Alberta

    • Mark was primary event planner and on-site coordinator for this extensive event activation
    • Tour of Alberta is a provincial sponsor’s dream as it naturally allowed for activation at multiple locations across the province. It included:
      • 10 communities with starts/finishes spread over 7 days
      • Travelling through 70 jurisdictions in the province
    • Estimated in-person audience of 300,000
    • Activation was extensive:
      • 7-person, roving street teams at all starts and finishes
      • Tent, feather flags and street team at start zone festival areas
      • Subway Zone – limited access area at finish lines staffed by a street team and featuring product sampling, give-aways (cash cards, coupons), and Subway branded thunder sticks.


Tour of Alberta Races into Consumer’s Hearts

Canada: Earlier this month, Tour of Alberta sped through the province, with SUBWAY® Alberta as a platinum event sponsor. The widely televised and highly attended event was a huge success, making it the perfect fit to promote our active lifestyle brand image.

Subway-TourOfAlberta-DecalAbout the Event

Held Sept. 2–7, the six-stage, world-class cycling race rolled 700km across 7 cities and towns, featured 16 elite cycling teams made up of 120 racers.

About the Marketing Campaign

A multi-media campaign promoted our Tour of Alberta sponsorship, giving us great exposure at race events and community festivals. Highlights from the campaign included:

We made more than 2.3 million impressions over 14 days, using microsites, digital and print ads, flyer wraps and a contest targeted to healthy-living audiences, sports enthusiasts and cyclists, and females 18–49.

Logo inclusion on track banners, advertising, starting and finishing line arches, SUBWAY® sprint jerseys and event programs, as well as extensive media coverage that included mentions of the “SUBWAY® Sprints.”

Street teamers at the start and finish of every race rewarding the crowd for doing random acts of fitness, like pushups, to earn a water bottle, a cash card or a wristband allowing entry to the SUBWAY® Zone at the finish line.

Subway – Tour of Alberta from Mark Dixon on Vimeo.

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